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Get back on the road.



Come see what we can do for your DOT Medical Card and Commercial Drivers License (CDL) requirements.

Call now! 401-934-0077 for a fast, efficient, no hassle appointment and get back on the road.


is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Give us a call we can answer all your questions and help you meet your CDL

Physical Exam requirements.

We offer competitive pricing for the following services.


DOT Physical Exams 100.00

Breath Alcohol Test 45.00 (BAT) screening

Breath Alcohol Test 45.00 (BAT) confirmation (required when screening test is +)

DOT Drug Testing65.00

Pre-Employment Drug Testing65.00

Bus Driver Physicals 100.00‚Äč

Same day appointments are customary and low seat time is our goal. Because our offices specialize in treating painful conditions in the back and extremities, drivers waiting for exams will not be needlessly exposed eliminating potential additional down time for the driver.

Once you have made your appointment there is no need to worry about bringing the physical exam form with you. Please note that if you have any additional letters from your doctors, test results or previous physical exam results bring these with you to your appointment. We ask that you bring your license and previous medical card (if available). 

Provided the driver passes the examination, a laminated medical certificate will be given to the driver on the same day. Drivers who do not pass the exam are referred to the appropriate specialist for further testing and allowed to reschedule their exam at no charge. To obtain the DOT Medical card a driver must pass the DOT Physical Exam. The CDL Physical Exams are straightforward. Bringing your list of medications can assist the doctor and get you on your way quickly.

Our doctors are D.O.T. trained and listed on the national registry so that you can rest assured the drivers we examine are fit to drive.

Our #1 goal is to get the driver back on the road...quickly and safely.

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